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            It gives me great pleasure to introduce MAUREEN and her images to my website. For over 40 yrs she has accompanied me often on my wilderness adventures lugging tripods and gear up and down mountains, down rivers and across the ocean, and on rail excursions where we ended up with faces black from soot and coal dust.
             She, awhile back, picked up a D200 and started to experiment,
 to supplement her images for paintings. As she seemed interested, I began to slowly introduce her to the technical aspects of the profession. At first as we edited and much was dumped. Falling in love with a image, is fine but they have to have a lot of visual effect. As you can see her first contribution is coming along fine and I hope you enjoy them.
             Are bears next????? in 2010..she is moving up to a D300 and adding to her lenses.

Maureen & Dusan Cizman


        It is  a pleasure to share my pictures on my husband's website.  We have done a lot of  travelling for many years all over the world.  Though the years I have enjoyed watching trains, wildlife and flowers in my garden.  One day I picked up the NIKON and with Dusan's help I started with flowers, then wildlife and enjoy it very much. 

            It is another world looking though the lens .  Another world to add to my painting. 


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