BEARS one of my favourite subjects…my first encounter was at 10 yrs old accidently ran into one while hunting grouse..scary…he stood up.. was black and I had a single shot 22…..finally he went away and this kid thought I should learn to track bears…which I did…..from KODAK BROWNIE I have moved on and enjoy the adventure in NORTHERN BC YUKON and ALASKA…UNFORTUNATELY the cost is getting prohibitive..flying in for best opportunities costs around $750 a day..after you are there…as for POLAR BEARS wish I could but never could afford it unfortunately….my last time I was charged by a GRIZZLEY is on youtube you can see it at this link ( I was around 30 in from him on edge of video as he came in after me and the group I was with..scary yes but his signals to me were non aggression..all animals have a comfort zone..his was too close… BEHIND me no one moved and I was lucky it was not a black bear as he would of ripped me beyond a doubt and that would be it!!! some had underware wet mine was dry… an hour form the plane..2 hrs from mainland in HOMER and a hour form hospital RIP DAC..we never pursue or interfere in normal bear activities they usually come to us…in places you can be 5/7 metres from cubs and live..I guess we only go where hundreds go and the bears see people daily..STATE OFFICALS often moniter the interface between us and them..and they can remove you from the scene if you break the rules..DANGEROUS??? YES but so far only bluff charges I enjoy the locations and the images DUSAN